The Lochdubh Tittle Tattler

Zoot Macpherrin

Zoot doing his impression of Charlton Heston Zoot is an unreconstructed hippy and surprisingly, an old mate of Lachlan McCrae. Even more astonishingly he was the best man at Cameron Dicks wedding. Formerly a leading light in the bohemian cafe society of Inverness in the sixties
He runs the local commune and perception development weekends in Applecross and is also the patron of that noted and highly regarded broadcasting organisation, Radio Lochdubh. Zoot is famed for his wonderful impressions of Charleton Heston in "The Ten Commandments"

An extremely wealthy individual the source of his money is not known although it may have been gained in promoting the Nairn free love festivals in the sixties. Currently doing rather well with Casa Zoots Roman Theme Weekends. If you're thinking of making a booking the emperor suite is recommended. Zoot with a friend
Be sure to keep an eye out for his dark blue BMW with the number plates OI ZOOT and tell us when and where you've seen him. Has recently found his true love and may be spending more time at his substantial villa in the Algarve.

Been heard to say
 Open your hearts and minds and together we shall know the infinite.
 What have I stumbled in on here Hambo, a victorian theme evening?Real Audio 2 sound file36KReal Audio 3 sound file71K
 You should be here for one of my nature communing weekends. Its like a sex machineZoot walks on water 
  I was surfing the astral waves, a kaleidoscope of the exquisite hues, indigos, violets, the most magnificent crimsons.
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