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     47 Ronin - The Quiraing, Skye
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A giant Buddha sits next to the Quiraing area of north east Skye in yet another CGI take on the landscape in 47 Ronin. It's hard to place this exactly as there seems to be a fair bit of CGI on the rock lump itself so the Google Earth location file is only a very roughly approximate location. 

However the right side of the still seems more untouched by special effects and shows the area opposite the car parking at the top of the pass which is usually covered with tourists and visitors to the Quiraing.

Trottensh Ridge, Skye

Photos below shows this triangular shaped landscape feature from the road up to The Quiriang albeit from a different angle and it's more usual view from the path to the Quiraing..

Trottensh Ridge, Skye
Trottensh Ridge, Skye
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