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     The Bridal Path - Sorisdale, Coll
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Coll Coll

Several scenes of The Bridal Path were filmed on the small island of Coll in the Inner Hebrides, approximately 45 miles to the west of Oban. Near the end of the movie Ewan MacEwan is seen going over some sand dunes to a beach. The filming location was at North Shore near Sorisdale on the north east of Coll. The small thatched cottage where he evades the wiles of the two sisters was filmed at nearby Sorisdale Bay. The cottage is still there but no longer inhabited. Thanks to Graham McGirk for identifying these locations.

The interesting text of an article by Nigel Tranter (author) written when The Bridal Path movie was first released in 1960 can be found at In it there is an amusing bit of trivia regarding the scenes of Rex the Police dog (Bluey) insisting on jumping into the rowing boat rather than stopping and barking at Bill Travers as had been intended in the script. After many attempts the scene had to be rewritten to take account of the dog's action thus giving Police Sargeant Bruce (George Cole) the plantive last line of Rex! as his dog sailed away into the distance. As a result of this inspired scene stealing initiative the dog had to appear in many other scenes until the end of the film rather than be written out as intended. Sadly Bluey's intent to improve his screen time did not result in any further acting offers!