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The copyright holders of the stills from the movies and television series used on this site are shown below
BraveheartB.H. Finance C.V.
The BruceBruce Pictures Plc
Chariots of FireEnigma Production Ltd
Chasing the DeerCromwell Productions
Carla's SongChannel Four Television Corporation
and The Glasgow Film Fund
Casino RoyaleColumbia Pictures Corporation
The Crow RoadBritish Broadcasting Corporation
The Debt CollectorFilm Four Ltd
Eye of the NeedleJuniper Films
Gregory's GirlNational Film Trustee Company Ltd
Gregory's Two GirlsFilm Four Ltd
Hamish MacbethBritish Broadcasting Corporation
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneWarner Bros
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsWarner Bros
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanWarner Bros
Highlander  Highlander Productions Ltd
Highlander 3Miramax Film Corp
Hold back the NightThe Film Consortium Ltd
I know where I'm goingGeneral Film Distributers Ltd
Invasion EarthBritish Broadcasting Corporation
IvanhoeBritish Broadcasting Corporation
Laxdale HallGroup 3 Ltd
Local HeroCelandine Films
Loch NessPolygram Filmed Entertainment
The MatchPolygram Filmed Entertainment
Monarch of the GlenBritish Broadcasting Corporation
Monty PythonNational Film Trustee Company Ltd
Mrs BrownBritish Broadcasting Corporation
My Life so FarMiramax Film Corp
My name is JoeParallax (Joe) Ltd
Oliver's TravelsBritish Broadcasting Corporation
Restless NativesThorn EMI Films Ltd
Ring of Bright WaterPalomar Pictures International Inc
Rob RoyUnited Artists Pictures Inc
Soft Top Hard ShoulderA Gruber Brothers Film
Shallow GraveChannel Four Television Corporation
and The Glasgow Film Fund
Takin' over the AsylumBritish Broadcasting Corporation
TrainspottingPolygram Filmed Entertainment
Two Thousand Acres of SkyBritish Broadcasting Corporation
The Wicker ManBritish Lion Film Productions Ltd
The Winter GuestPressman Upper Productions