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     The Dark Knight Rises - Loch Bealach Culaidh
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Loch Bealach Culaidh

At the beginning of The Dark Knight Rises is a scene with the hijacked wingless aircraft dangling in the air with a body of water on the right. The background at least was filmed over the western end of Loch Bealach Culaidh looking roughly south west. Seen to the left of the aircraft is the smaller Loch nan Druidean while Loch Garve can just be seen in the distance.

Loch Bealach Culaidh

One of the making of sections of the extras on the DVD/Blu-ray notes that they used a heavy lift helicopter to dangle the plane for these scenes but doesn't make clear if this was filmed in situe over the land below or was filmed at a lower height elsewhere and then CGI'd in later.

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