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     Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Doune Castle
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Doune Castle appears numerous times in Monty Python and the Holy Grail notably as Camelot, the Castle of Guy de Lombard (with Trojan Rabbit), Swamp Castle where Sir Lancelot causes chaos at the wedding, and Castle Anthrax where Sir Galahad has an interesting offer!

Flying Cows Heads round the door

It had originally been intended to film in other locations but the Department of the Environment, which at the time looked after all castles in state care, withdrew it's permission to use it's castles two weeks before filming was due to start. Doune Castle at the time was privately owned so could be used for filming. Doune Castle is now run by Scottish Heritage the sucessor several times removed to the Department of the Envirionment. Ironically, a lot of the visitors to the castle now go there purely because of the movie connection. Apparently, a Monty Python appearance is how to get more views on youtube and how to get more visitors to your castle.

Outside filming locations were down the small hill to the left of the castle entrance (Castle of Guy de Lombard trojan rabbit), the front gate (Swamp Castle), wall to the left of the gate (swallow scene and french scene) and at the rear of the castle. For the french scenes at the beginning of the movie a fake wall was built at ground level and the camera pointed up the hill at the rear of the castle to give the appearance of height.

Chaos at the wedding An interesting proposition

Interior filming locations were the entrance tunnel into the castle (Swamp Castle), the main quadrangle of the castle (Swamp Castle), in the room on the left as you enter the castle up the large staircase (Castle Anthrax with Zoot and her sister Dingo), up the stairs to room on first floor (Camelot dancing knights and Swamp Castle wedding reception). The room at the top of the tower entered by small door on the right as you go into castle (Swamp Castle Terry Jones scenes).

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