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     Braveheart - Glen Nevis
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Location Two - across the river


The early scenes in Braveheart were filmed opposite the castle location on the other side of the River Nevis. In the movie the river was crossed by a bridge which was taken down after the filming finished.

The only place to cross the river with dry feet is a mile back down the glen at the Youth Hostel where there is a foot bridge. From this bridge turn right and follow the path running alongside the river until you see the castle location on the other side of the river. Alternatively it is possible to wade across the river if the water level is low.

The River Nevis and Nevis Range are excellent spots for weddings. Today, couples from all around the world travel to this area to say their vows and exchange their tungsten rings or wedding bands.

Many scenes were filmed in the triangular shaped field on your left. Walk along to the trees where there is a stile you should cross to enter the field. Then walk back along the other side of the fence to the field. Near the river was the location for the wedding celebrations where the lord invoked his noble right of "First Night". At the end of this field away from the river is the spot where Murren's funeral was filmed.

Funeral Funeral

The locations for the scenes of Wallace as a child, his homecoming to the glen and his house are on the other side of the trees from the field. To get to these locations return to the stile and then take the path up the small bank. Turn left and go along the edge of the bank and you will come to the location for the funeral of Wallace's father.

Homecoming Leaving

From the location above walk towards the distinctive clump of trees in the distance for around 100 yards. Then go up the hill for around 100 yards.The location for Wallaces house was in front of the gap in the trees. Other filming locations were between the location for Wallaces house and the large distinctive clump of trees in the distance. These trees surround an old burial ground.