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     Highlander 3 - Glen Nevis
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Glen Nevis was the location of several scenes in Highlander 3.

Follow the directions on the location info page until you reach the two large distinctive mounds on the left of the road. Then walk along the the track to the second mound. This mound was used as a location several times in the movie. It was from here that the snowcovered "Mountains of Neerie" which appear in the opening credits were filmed.

This location re-appears around two thirds of the way through the movie while Loreena McKennitt sang Bonny Portmore on the soundtrack. Following his making of a new sword Connor Macleod is seen practising with it on top of the mound. The camera tracks around at various heights giving some nice views of the surrounding mountains. At the end of the movie Connor is seen driving along the twisty road near to the mound. The large picture at the the top of page shows one of the final shots in the movie.

I found this spot by accident in 1997 while looking for the adjacent Braveheart location. It was a fairly windless day but when I went to the top of the mound I was almost lifted off my feet by a sudden, extremely strong, gust of wind. Just as rapidly as the wind had came it then died down. Very strange - perhaps it was left over from the movie!