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     Supergirl - Castle Tioram
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Thanks to Jasper Wallace for the following contribution

The beach next to Castle Tioram on Loch Moidart was used as a location in the Supergirl movie, I was on holiday there when the film was being shot and remember it well.

The shot is used after Supergirl rescues a guy from a haunted/magical amusement park, they fly over some islands and land on the beach, there is then some brief dialogue.

Prior to the filming the portable toilet trailer that was to be used by the cast and crew came off the road and ended up in the River Shiel. During filming the food eaten by the cast and crew was eaten off paper plates with plastic forks and knives - the cast and crew left the plates and cutlery lying around all over the place and made them selves fairly unpopular as a result.

They used a crane and wire harness for the flying scenes, to stop the crane sinking into the sand the crew used wooden and metal supports laid on the ground, one of these was badly damaged and abandoned in the small sand dune area between Moidart House and the beach south of the causeway to the castle. It was still there when i was last in the area a few years ago.

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