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     Trainspotting - Glasgow
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Glasgow Glasgow

Trainspotting, although set in Edinburgh, was mainly filmed in Glasgow. Most of the interior scenes were filmed in the disused WD & HO Wills Tobacco factory at Alexandra Parade in the East End. This is now the City Park office complex after a 20 million conversion.

  • Renton and Sickboy debate Sean Connery movies and Renton shoots the dog with an air rifle at Rouken Glen Park.
  • The Cafe where Renton and Spud meet before Spud's interview was Cafe d' Jaconelli at 570 Maryhill Road.
  • The pub where Begbie throws the glass over the balcony and then has a fight was the Crosslands at 182 Queen Margaret Drive.
  • The nightclub where Renton meets Diane was the now closed Volcano in Partick.
  • The hotel room interior of the London hotel near the end of the movie was at the George Hotel on Buchanan Street in the city centre.