Hamish Macbeth the scenery

These pages deal with the scenery of Hamish Macbeth and Lochdubh with information on where to actually find them.
After all, finding some of these spots is not as easy as locating the garden shed in your back yard.
It is a testiment to the high production values in Hamish Macbeth that often difficult to reach locations have been used for very short scenes when far easier options could have been used in their place.
Alternatively, as I am beginning to suspect, the locations of the scenery actually involves some arcane mysteries. When you link the locations in the right way they spell out "Hamish Macbeth" all across the map of western Scotland. Or is it BBC Scotland?,Zenith? or all three? Mere Co-incidence????
FIlming locations in Plockton
Filming locations Near Plockton Film locations in Other areas
Cross references of Scenery by episode

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All photos on the following pages, except those from the BBC TV series Hamish Macbeth,
copyright © Doug Hill 1988-2012

Zen and the art of location finding
I'd like to thank Julia and the other staff of the Tourist Information Office in Kyle of Lochalsh who pointed me in the right direction for 'the road to Lochdubh' and the interior of the 'Stag Bar'. I found the rest of the locations of the scenery of Lochdubh and Hamish Macbeth by the simple method of watching the series, visiting the area, using OS maps and triangulation to try and narrow down the actual spots. There were lots of false leads and 'wasted' journeys but hey with scenery like this who cares! I'd recommend it to anyone.
For my next project I will be attempting to find the exact source of the Nile by careful watching of Hollywood feature films - so far it appears to be Pinewood studios but I'm still open on this.