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Series One
The Great Lochdubh salt robbery Yet another broken headlight The major's house No more than three sheep abeast!!
A Pillar of the community Drumbuie The Rhu Sunset over Loch Carron Lachlan takes a dip It doesn't get much better than this
The Big Freeze The road to Lochdubh The major's house The junction to Achnahinich
West Coast Story Hamish goes to the bank Bennie and the Jets We're off to see the wizard Chez Zoot's
Wee Jock's Lament Rose looks reflective Harry takes to the hills  of male bonding and midges TV John plays the pipes
A bit of an epic coming soon The major's house On that hill again when the tough get going!! Hamish hangs loose going to meet on the ledge
Series Two
A perfectly simple explanation Zoot looks down on Malachi coming soon
In search of a rose Avernich The Rhu Uags Sallachy
Isobel pulls it off Isobel goes for an interview Isobel buys a car The road to Lochdubh Isobel has a picnic
Radio Lochdubh Stephan and Magda get cosy Hamish and Isobel admire the moonlight Radio Ga ga An important area for Alex
No man is an Island Hamish admires the view while Bel would rather be somewhere else The Rhu
The Lochdubh Deluxe coming soon Macrae and Son coming soon coming soon
Series Three
The Honourable Policeman another road to Lochdubh? The major's house tandem made for two
Deferred sentence Staffin Duntulm
The Lochdubh Assassin coming soon Wee Macfees Bog
The Good Thief Lochdubh station Macrae and Son The singing competion
The trouble with Rory Loch Achaidh na h-Inich Plockton Primary School The Rhu hot footing it to the council Plockton High School Duncraig
More than a game another road to Lochdubh? Stromeferry Lochdubhians speak with forked tongue Lachlan drives his tractor its only a game Another road to Lochdubh
Destiny part one Lochdubh cycle way The major's house Hamish and TV John go on a picnic coming soon coming soon
Destiny part two Destiny Part 2 Lost in the snow coming soon

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