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     Complicity - Lochgoilhead
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Going to the dentist Lochgoilhead

Two scenes of Complicity were filmed at Lochgoilhead in Argyll. Cameron, Andy (Paul Higgins) and Howie (Gary McCormack) go to a village to vist the dentist. Well, mainly Howie who has been hit in the face with a golf club by his girlfriend and Andy who needs to see the dentist for reasons of his own. Filmed on the dead end road on the east side of Loch Goil heading south from Lochgoilhead.

Cameron (Johnny lee Miller) has to report to a police man on the orders of Edinburgh C.I.D. and he finds a bemused country cop on a lochside car park opposite a post office to talk to. Filmed, strangely enough, on a loch side car park opposite a post office in the center of Lochgoilhead.

Car Park and police Lochgoilhead