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Gregory's Girl

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Gregory's Girl (1981)

In a Scottish new town, Gregory, a school footballer becomes aware of...girls! Life is OK for Gregory - even when he loses his star position in the football team to gorgeous Dorothy of 5a. Demoted to goalie, he now has time to revel in her triumphs on the field and to dream of the possibilities that just may lie the field. But his interest is not entirely reciprocated. Will he survive a rebuff? Can his friends cure him of his terrible infatuation? Will he score with Dorothy? Will he score at all? Who's going to be Gregory's girl?
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Director: Bill Forsyth
Starring: John Gordon Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Clare Grogan, Jake D'Arcy, Chic Murray, Robert Buchanan, Billy Greenlees, Alan Love, Carol Macartney
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Cumbernauld Cumbernauld
Cumbernauld Cumbernauld
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