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     Gregory's Two Girls
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Gregory's Two Girls

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Gregory's Two Girls (1999)

Twenty years ago, Gregory (John Gordon Sinclair) was first unleashed onto the world in Bill Forsythe's Gregory's Girl. His unrequited passion for a football mad schoolgirl found some release in his mostly imaginary sex life. That was in 1979. This is 1999. Life, and love has changed for Gregory. Or has it? Gregory is now 35, and back at his old school, teaching English and preaching against political corruption and the abuse of human rights.

Director: Bill Forsyth
Starring: John Gordon Sinclair, Dougray Scott, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Gary Lewis, Carly McKinnon, Dawn Steele, Martin Schwab, Fiona Bell, John Murtagh
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Cumbernauld Cumbernauld Stirling Castle Edinburgh Dumbarton Castle
Cumbernauld Cumbernauld Stirling Castle Edinburgh Dumbarton Castle
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