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     Breaking the Waves
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Breaking the Waves

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Breaking the Waves (1996)

"When Bess, a naive young woman, marries Jan, a handsome oil rig worker she experiences passion and physical pleasure that she never imagined. Their bliss is cut short when an accident on the rig leaves Jan paralysed. Believing he will never make love to Bess again, he tells her to take other lovers, convincing her that this will help his recovery. Bess is sent spiralling into a world of dark emotions she cannot understand."

Breaking the Waves was filmed in a variety of locations across the North West Highlands of Scotland and the island of Skye.

Director: Lars von Trier
Starring: Emily Watson, Stellan Skarsgard, Katrin Cartlidge, Jean-Marc Barr, Udo Kier
Locations Map
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Lochailort Mallaig Morar Skye Skye
Lochailort Mallaig Morar Neist Point, Skye Quiraing, Skye
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The Quiraing, Skye Neist Point, Skye Lochailort Maillaig Morar