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     Stardust - Bealach na Ba
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Bealach na Ba

The port of call for Captain Shakespeare's boat was a CGI or matte painting on top of the mountain which is one side of the pass known as Bealach na Ba. The same viewpoint is used twice in the movie, the first with the real orientation of the mountain and the second with it horizontally flipped over to give it's mirror image. Presumably this saved on the CGI work involved in these scenes.

Bealach na Ba

The image above shows the scene as shown in the movie and the second image below shows it in the real world orientation. The road going up Bealach na Ba can be seen on the left of the image.

Bealach na Ba

The filming viewpoint appears to be above and slightly to the right of the first and most eastern of the hairpoint turns leading up to the top of the pass. There used to be a small parking space at this point.

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