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     The Wicker Man - Burrow Head
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The Wicker Man - Hoseasons Caravan Site, Burrow Head

The climax of the movie was filmed in the unlikely surroundings of a caravan park. The Caravan site is signposted from Isle of Whithorn. Three locations were used for the cliff scenes and the burning of not one, but two Wicker Men. The remains of one of the Wicker Men are still visible.

I camped next to the main Wicker Man location and was rewarded by a fine sunset over the sea. Curiously given the significance of the hare in the movie the area abounds with hares - I had several wander closely past in the late twilight.

Just down the cliff from the scene of the burning of the Wicker Man is the location for the scenes following Howie's exit from the cave. There is a large hole in the ground which was used as the cave exit in the movie. Down the cliff from this is the location for the scenes of Howie being prepared for sacrifice. Surprisingly the filming area is very small and the drop from the cliff is quite large. Both of which must have caused problems during the filming.

Several hundred yards away round the cliffs towards the main caravan site is the location used to film the final scenes of the burning of The Wicker Man. The location is lower than the cliffs thus enabling easy filming of the top of the Wicker Man and the sunset which ends the movie. Two stumps of the legs of this Wicker Man still remain.

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the cave where Sgt Howie emerges to begin his fateful meeting with the Wicker Man the burning of the wicker man location second burning site