Duncraig Castle

Duncraig Castle was the production unit base for filming Hamish Macbeth and the location of interior and exterior scenes from various episodes
Duncraig HaltDuncraig Castle

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 Duncraig Castle, Plockton
Map reference
 Landranger Sheet 24 NG 814 334
 From the car park in Plockton turn left and head back up the road out of the village and continue on this road until you reach the first road on the left.
 Follow this road past Creag nan Garadh passing also on the way the section of this road which appears in the opening scenes of "The honourable policeman" and "More than a game" (both series three) until you reach the T junction. Take the left turning and after half a mile or so take the next left turn to Duncraig Castle and station.
 Carry on this road for a few hundred yards and you will eventually reach the castle which was used as the production unit base during the filming of Hamish Macbeth. It was also used to film interior scenes in various episodes and had a cameo appearance as Zoot MacPherrin's mansion in "West coast story" (series one).
 There is little sign of it's former use although a filing cabinet is visible through a window at the front on the left of the entrance which has three drawers tantalisingly labelled "Location stills Ham1", "Ham2" and "Ham 3".
 Carry on down the road to Duncraig Halt where a scene from "The trouble with Rory" (series three) was filmed. Isobel Sutherland is shown in this episode coming down a road with a TV car - the location is the small car park at Duncraig Halt looking back up the road to Duncraig Castle. Just after this scene is another looking across to Lochdubh - this is closeby the station platform .
 Duncraig Halt also appears in several scenes as Lochdubh station in "The Good Thief"

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