The Rhu, Plockton

An area of Plockton which appears in many episodes
The RhuThe Rhu

 The Rhu, Plockton
Map reference
 Landranger Sheet 24 NG 808 337
 Starting from the car park in Plockton either go via the walk up the Brae and Frithard Road. or directly along Harbour Street. The walk via the Brae is recommended.
 From the hill at Frithard go back down the road passing by the Brae and carry on round to Harbour Street. Go past the small inlet where Hamish Macbeth is shown fishing at the end of "A pillar of the community". You'll then come to a large building on your left which is the village hall (and thus was easily cast as the village hall in "West Coast Story". It also appears, oddly enough, as Esme's school in "A pillar of the community".
It doesn't get much better than this Bennie and the Jets
 Turn into the road on your left and follow this to the end and you will arrive at the Rhu which has on the left a shed which was disguised as the Fire Hut in "The trouble with Rory". Next to this on the right is where Barney is shown doing boat trips in "In search of a rose". This spot also appears in "A pillar of the community" where Agnes shows her proficiency in both language skills and waving large knifes in a threatening manner. It is also where Hamish Macbeth returns at the end of "No Man is an island".

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