The Stag Bar

The Stag Bar43 Harbour Street

 Opposite the car park, Plockton and the Balmacara Hotel, Balmacara.Area map
Map reference
 Landranger Sheet 24 NG 803 334 and
Landranger Sheet 33 NG 813 272
Distance from Plockton - around 5 miles
 The building used as the exterior of the Lochdubh Hotel and the Stag Bar is actually 43 Harbour Street, Pockton which is directly opposite the car park - the gable end which shows the Stag Bar sign in the series is currently painted white.Location map
 If you want to take a drink in the "Stag Bar" you should go the Public Bar of the Balmacara Hotel around 5 miles from Plockton where the interior scenes were actually filmed.
 From Plockton take the road to Durinish (where highland cows DO wander freely around the village) and go straight on to Balmacara, passing by Durinish and Balmacara Square.
 You will eventually reach the main A87 road where you should turn left and continue on for around a mile or so.The Balmacara Hotel is the large white building on the left along with a filling station, some shops and a campsite.
 The public bar is on the left side of the building with some parking spaces opposite.
The real Stag Bar

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