Loch Long

Loch Long appears in several episodes.
Lachie Jnr hotfoots it for more cattlecake round the bend

Location Area Map
  Loch Long
Map reference
  Landranger Sheet 25 882 277, 922 303, and 890 273
Distance from Plockton
  around 17 miles
  spacerFrom Plockton take the road to Durinish and go straight on to Balmacara, passing by Durinish and Balmacara Square. You will eventually reach the main A87 road where you should turn left and continue on for a couple of miles (passing the location used for the interior of the Stag Bar)and after a few more miles the turnoff to the A890 - the road which appears in "More than a Game" and the turnoff to Avernich which appears in "In search of a rose".Location Map
  spacerAfter another mile or so there is a road on the left going to Conchra and Sallachy. Take this road and travel along it for a mile or so until the loch is visible on the right. There is parking space on the right of the road opposite a farm gate. It is here that Lachlan is seen taking a dip in "A Pillar Of The Community".
Lachlan takes a dip Loch Long near Conchra
  spacerContinue along the road for five miles or so to Sallachy.The next location is around a mile past Sallachy but it is easier to find going back towards the main road. Therefore continue on for another couple of miles to the large wooden bridge at the end of Loch Long and park nearby. Cross over the bridge and take the private road on the left to Killilan. Then walk along this private road for around four miles to Glen Elchaig. The location which appears in the singing competition at the end of "The Good Thief" is closeby the road. The standing stones seen in this episode don't actually exist and were built for this scene. Thanks to Ruth French for spotting this location and for use of the photo below. Take a look at her website for the many panoramic pictures of the west coast of Scotland
The Singing competition Glen Elchaig
Photo ©Ruth French
  spacerOn the return journey from the bridge to Sallachy you will see a distinctive group of pine trees in the loch ahead of you when you reach a bend in the road. This is where the Lachlan-mobile is seen in "In Search of a Rose".
  spacerAnother location is on the other side of the loch. Retrace your steps until you rejoin the main road. Turn left, carry on for a couple of miles and take the turnoff on the left for Dornie (just after the bridge with the fine views of Eilan Donan Castle). Continue on to Dornie and take the right turning (in front of the Dornie Hotel) to go back along the other side of Loch Long.
  spacerGo along this road for several miles until you pass over a small bridge with horizontal metal railings. Just past here (looking back towards where you have come from) is where the Lachlan-mobile is seen travelling to Zoot MacPherrins palatial pad in "West Coast Story".
Off to see the wizard full metal bridge

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